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Why does the baby have underwear head?


This is a god damn front for something I’m sure of it

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I got my buttons today! Cut a bunch’o holes in this here foam to get a feel of everything. It feels good and the final thing will be symmetrical and awesome.

The enclosure came, now I’m just waiting on buttons.


Things seem to be trucking along quite nicely! Building my computer can be fully crossed off my to-do list, and everything for the midi controller is either ordered and on its way to my house, or already sitting in my possession.

So far I’ve only received the Arduino and a new solder station, but I put the order in for all the buttons last night, and this morning I put together a scale mockup (pictured below) of how the controller would look when using a particular enclosure I found. After spending a while looking at it/pretending I was able to use it like the real thing, I went ahead and put in the order for the enclosure. I don’t expect to get the buttons for a while, since they’re shipping from Hong Kong.

This leaves me the rest of November and all of December to finish my two remaining projects: editing the Path of Neo Let’s Play, and building the midi controller – Once I’m done with both of these I’ll be able to focus all of my creative time/energy into my new album.

Not much else to report here for now, L8TR0

Progress Report HALLOWEEEEN edition

I’m happy to say that things are plugging along smoothly. I ordered PC parts last Thursday, and during the weekend I mucked out my office/studio room - something I didn’t write about, but desperately needed to do.

All my PC parts arrived by yesterday, so after only working till 12 (half days are pretty great), I built my new computer. The case I picked out ended up looking way more baller than I expected, it also has an insane amount of room on the inside compared to my old monstrosity. For the first time building a computer, I wired all the cabling through the side/behind the mobo of the case, and man what a difference that makes.

The PC booted up first try, which is always great, but there’s a chance something isn’t right… I launched Saints Row 4 and Metro Last Light, both of which ran like hot garbage during the 5 mins I had them open. CPU temps and usage seemed typical, but I realized I hadn’t done any windows updates, so I ran through and downloaded all of that junk, but wasn’t able to test performance afterwards. While I was browsing the internet waiting for windows updates to download, I was checking my temps and fan speeds, which were gradually rising – 3000-4000RPM (which was LOUD) and 40-50c - Some people report that this is typical with the cheap stock cooler that comes with the CPU I ordered, so I may end up buying an aftermarket one.

Midi drum controller! I’ve been looking at thrift stores and antique shops (and everywhere basically), for something that I’d be happy repurposing into the enclosure for my controller – but it’s been tough. I’ll either find something that’s the right size, but usually is ugly and/or made out of a material I don’t want to deal with – or the opposite - something that’s the right material but too big/small or weirdly shaped. Even though I don’t have an enclosure, I did go ahead and order the Arduino, and a new solder station, and I will be ordering the buttons today – was down yesterday when I ordered everything else.

So yeah! Made a lot of good progress a lot quicker than I thought I would. I have a few kinks to work out, but after I work through them I’ll start cranking away on my Let’s Play videos then begin work on the project to end all projects – my album o_o

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